Who is YouthIncluded?

We are youth non-governmental organization, working as a as an open-space for open-minded, curious and active youth who want to know new people and cultures, learn new things and share their skills, inspire and be inspired.

Youth Included is a diverse group of educators, academics, creative young people from different countries, based in Prague, Czech Republic. All of us have different stories of how and why we came over here, but all of us are united with idea to create beautiful things together in Prague.

Why are we «Youth» Included?

Our organization is working with young people as we do believe that the youth is the key to building of the future generations, therefore we have to put all the efforts to give them the tools for education, raise their awareness in regards to the dangers of xenophobia and discrimination, show them the diversity of the World and point out the positive effects of intercultural interactions.

Our Mission

We are committed to support, advice, guide and educate youth by giving them a chance to develop and organize the project of their dream, by providing them opportunities to volunteer and experience other cultures, by showing them that changing the World starts with small steps of self-exploring, self-respecting, self-development and self-expressing.

Goals and objectives

Among our main aims is contribution to the positive social changes in the society by promoting intercultural dialogue, facilitating understanding among people and establishment of harmonic co-existence between people through common activities