Czech Friendly will bring you new tastes of Prague!

Lately in Europe sentiments against foreigners and newcomers are raising, and unfortunately it becomes more and more difficult to find a way to promote diversity and multiculturalism.
Working from 2012 in the field of foreigners’ integration, we have come to conclusion that the best way to work with an issue of building distant relationship with migrants is to get to know their cultures by personal experience. Thinking of how we can do this, the idea of food came instantly. People eat and like to try new things and we do believe that exactly it can bring us together.
“Czech Friendly” is a platform which will give citizens an opportunity to dive into the cultural diversity of the city, it will be a chance to travel all around the world by going to different authentic places learning the taste and, moreover, the reality of the countries from an authoritative source.
We would love all of you to be the part of our initiative, and to follow our progress on FB:)