For us community cooking is a participant-driven, experimental cooking session that engages the public in preparing and eating food together towards to a more included community.
Challenging the traditional cooking class model, participants do not learn from an expert chef, but from a group of volunteers that are asked to bring a menu and share their culture.
Participants are brought out of isolated routines to interact with the others and feel comfortable while tasting flavors from all around the world.

We started our community cooking in Prague 14 in a collaboration with documentary theatre Tubus. During the session our Greek menu was presented by Apostolidis, Alexandra and Katerina. You can try out the recipes here:

Last Saturday of august was celebrated by Cerny Most with Roma neighbor cooking, where neighbors came up with their recipes right in the street. Everybody had a chance to try out cooking or just to ask for a recipe, to play football, to listen to Roma music and just to enjoy the atmosphere! Roma menu can be checked out here:


Youth Included team together with Chris, Mila and their son Milan and his family prepared a session of Peruvian cooking during the Stop Zevling festival. Participants of the festival were invited to cook with all of us, learn about Peru, its people and traditions. The recipe is available here:

Ají de galinha: http://bit.ly/1Xr397P

Autumn outdoor cooking session in collaboration with Plecharna and Antropictures made it possible for neighbors to prepare real Borsht right on the spot with Anna, Alexandra and Ekaterina. Moreover, they could taste authentic home-made pies with mushrooms and potatoes, with apples. You can try to make your soup and pies with our recipes:
“Different City Experience festival” is a celebration of city public space. Almost 60 locations in Prague and 10 other cities in the Czech Republic came to life thanks to the cooperation of local individuals or organizations. Youth Included was happy to contribute to the event in the district of Prague 14, where we organized a block called “Bollywood on Maňákovastreet”.Together with ŠtěpánkaHaseenouRysovou we cooked and shared Indian specialties, talked about Indian culture, painted with henna and enjoyed Bollywood dance. 
MasalaTea: http://fd.cm/1ppAo0O
The kindergarden facilities in Cerny Most made possible another  community cooking, , this time the Portuguese, with the help of José, Pedro , Joana and Rita bringing with them the warmth and the flavors of the Atlantic. Here you can check the Menu:
Salada Russa: http://fd.cm/1pmz5ji
Last cooking session of 2015 had a taste of Romania. We all enjoyed interesting details about Romania, current social issues and traditional music over authentic menu, prepared by Camelia and Iuana.