Lately in Europe sentiments against foreigners and newcomers are raising, and unfortunately it becomes more and more difficult to find a way to promote diversity and multiculturalism. Our team consists of people from completely different countries and living in Prague for more than 5 years we know by our own experience how challenging can be sometimes the process of getting adjusted to a place for it to become a new home. Working from 2012 in the field of foreigners’ integration, we have come to conclusion that the best way to work with an issue of building distant relationship with migrants is to get to know their cultures by personal experience. Thinking of how we can do this, the idea of food came instantly. People eat and like to try new things and We do believe that exactly it can bring Us together.
“Czech Friendly” is a set of tools, which will allow Prague citizens to see the true reality of newcomers without any stereotypical flavor; it will help to build up fully new understanding and relationships between the nations. Czech Friendly will include web platform, mobile educational application and printed map.
Web platform:
1) On our Web you will find documented life stories of people (videos and written interviews) who once made up their mind to leave their motherland and to move to Czech Republic. Why did they do that? Why CR? Why to open a restaurant with traditional food? What challenges did the owner face? Answers on these and many more questions will be waiting for you at www.czech-friendly.cz.
2) If you are a food lover, the one who found himself in cooking, we would like to present you authentic recipes from the restaurants “CF”.  Please, don`t think that it will be an insensible dry enumeration of products to use. On the contrary, it will contain comments of the chefs, for you to feel like you have a private lesson with an old friend, who wants to share something he is good at, tips and encouragement included.
Mobile educational application:
We would love to develop educational treasure hunt, which will engage Prague citizens in treasure hunt not only for food places, but for life stories of people living in the same city.
Printed map with “CF” restaurants will be your guide whenever you feel like trying something unusual. Our favorite places will stay as good as they always were, but sometimes we just do not have time to check out if there is anything new. We want to collect as many authentic restaurants as possible, for you to know 100% where definitely to find these gems in Prague`s treasure box.
The project is a non-commercial intercultural initiative, aiming to develop social diversity within Czech Republic and decrease tensions among native population of the country and foreigners and between foreigners themselves. By developing and promoting “CF” we would like to introduce diverse cultures into the Prague society and help people, coming from different cultures and having different background, to become an included part of the city. Project was inspired by bulgarian project Multi Kulti.