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Help and assistance for migrants and refugees

Help and assistance for migrants and refugees

The non-profit group Youth Included, in collaboration with Prague 14, is striving to support refugees as they adjust and improve their well-being in the Czech Republic. They provide a range of initiatives, such as free education and training programs, to boost the confidence of refugees and assist them in finding employment, allowing them to integrate into the Czech society.

The non-profit organization Youth Included, with the help of Prague 14, is working to help refugees settle and feel better in the Czech Republic.  

Besides cultur program, retraining courses and other activities, our services includes: 

Intercultural worker in Prague 14

Intercultural work in Prague 14 is carried out through consultations on assistance in adapting to different tasks of life in the Czech republic.


Czech language courses

According to a survey of Ukrainian refugees, knowing the language is considered the most important factor for a comfortable life in the Czech Republic. With the help of Communal centrum Kardašovská and funding from the Prague 14 district, Youth Included has already provided language classes to 10 groups of Ukrainian refugees and is currently teaching 25 groups, both for those who want to continue learning and beginners.


  • In total, 104 people were registered for the first stream, 76 people of them passed the test for the intermediate level A1 / A2. There were about 140 lectures of 90 minutes each provided to the audience.

  • For the second stream, 8 continuing and 17 beginner groups were organized. In total, 327 students signed up, for whom a total of more than 750 hours of classes were held.



Children's leisure camps

Last summer, over 40 Ukrainian kids aged 10 to 13 got the chance to participate in a free of pay city summer camp. The camp ran for several months with 4 shifts, each lasting 5 days, where the kids got to do all sorts of fun activities, play sports, and make new friends.

The summer camp program was designed to help kids have an easier time adapting to their new surroundings, and also to give them a place to make new friends.


  • Before the shifts, a survey was conducted among the parents and some were interviewed individually, to gain a better understanding of the desired program.

  • The program included drawing, acting, a large number of various recreational activities, sports were held every day.

  • 4 days a week the children went to one and a half hour classes to study the Czech language.


Events for women and children

As part of the support and integration program for refugees, a variety of activities and programs are offered that aim to provide a safe and stress-free space for women and children. 

Over 100 classes, workshops, leisure activities, and practices have been organized for this purpose by the non-profit organization Youth Included. As a result, more than 200 women and 150 children have had the opportunity to learn new skills, make new connections, and find ways to express themselves. This includes the formation of the "Loving Moms Club," which provides support and resources for refugee mothers, as well as various courses and programs for children including theater, vocals, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, school preparation, and arts such as drawing comics and neurographics. These programs aim to empower and uplift the lives of refugees and provide them with a sense of community and purpose in their new home.



The kids were highly engaged in the program and actively participated in the activities. They gave positive feedback and made new friendships that continued even after the shift was over.