Uniting Power of Film

"The Unifying Power of Film" is a project that provides young foreigners with a creative space to socialise and a full film production course with a focus on the theme of migration. 



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The solidarity project "Uniting Power of Film" had an aim of providing the young foreigners with creative space for networking and a full course of Film production (including production of one professional work of visual art) with an emphasis on such topics as community life, solidarity to different nationalities and raising the awareness about the challenges and obstacles of migrants in the Czech Republic, which is known for being one of the most attractive places for student from different countries and having a supportive attitude towards foreign students in offering them equal opportunities.

The theoretical part of the course contains information covering the basics of main disciplines in cinema art production and will be supported by case studies and examples within the reality of the local and international film companies in the Czech Republic.

In the practical part the participants choose the topic connected to obstacles and challenges of specific migrant groups or migrants from specific countries in CR and shoot a short movie under the guidance of professionals.

Through the course, participants will gain information to master their skills and knowledge based on real-life experiences of film industry professionals, be able to complete interesting assignments and collaborate to create their own film and address the socially sensitive and important topic of problems faced by migrants in Prague.

How much does it cost?

It's totally free since it is sponsored by Solidarity Corps.


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