Urban Creatives

This project will give young migrants opportunities to create social networks, safe and friendly space, establish new connections, self-confidence, connection with the residents of Prague.



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The development of open access events for young Prague residents will be a great chance to meet, share their skills and experience and contribute to the integration of young migrants in Prague. The focus is on informal, peer-to-peer learning, empowerment, joint creation and support of new creative ideas.

The events are very diverse and will consist of seminars, lectures and discussions, as well as one open form:

-Cultivation & nutrition
-Low waste and zero waste workshops 
-Open community celebrations



The main goal of the project is to increase awareness toward a more sustainable and ecological living urban environment and raise the discussion on climate changes. Through creative activities (workshops, lectures, open format celebrations), participants will be given an opportunity to join a bigger community and to satisfy their need for inclusion and integration in Prague society

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that organizes thematic events for migrants so that they can meet, expand their network and find friends!

This meeting is taking place within the framework of Society out of the Box project (http://youthincluded.com/portfolio/), DZS and Soliarity Corps funds us (https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_e