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about us

president of the company

Ekaterina Kokkalou is an integration specialist, researcher, community activist and educator. 

In 2013 together with her colleagues Ekaterina co-founded migrant youth organization Youth Included, aimed to support the process of integration for migrant youth through empowerment, education and talent development. Ekaterina has been leading the organization since 2013, and managing local, european and international projects.

Her main fields of activities are talent development, community engagement, non-formal education and migrant integration. 



We are committed to support, advice, guide and educate youth by giving them a chance to develop and organise the project of their dream, by providing them opportunities to volunteer and experience other cultures, by showing them that changing the World starts with small steps of self-exploring, self-respecting, self-development and self-expressing.
Youth Included was founded in 2012 as an open platform for youngsters, a place where you are heard, cherished and supported, an open space for new ideas and initiatives. During all these years we were dedicated to this idea and enlarged the scale of events and courses basing on the needs of Prague community and using the pool of skillset of talented migrants. We work in cooperation with European union funds and City council of Prague.

Our activities are aimed to support social integration and improve the socioeconomic ecosystem of the community by supporting migrants and refugees through a large scale of variable courses and workshops. We provide language courses, professional requalification courses in different areas including IT, media and art.  The variety of initiatives we do locally is huge, ranging from summer camps for kids to online singing lessons, from mental health support groups to felting workshops and seminars on improving one's CV.