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Workshop: Blind drawing
Youth Included Project
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Initiatives oriented on community building, mental support and social engagement by providing creative outlets and safe space for migrants. Courses and lectures on photography and improvisational theatre.

Dear friends, YI prepared for u our favorite workshop!
Drawing as a process of meditation, of connecting with yourself and your creative center.

Have you ever thought that drawing could be a meditation to release anxiety and stress? 
We invite you to a Blind Drawing workshop to find out for yourself. We process an enormous amount of visual information every day. By depriving ourselves of the ability to see for at least an hour, we open ourselves up to the possibility of feeling differently about the creative process. 
For a successful result we need to go through several stages: 
- first, we create a trusting space, 
- followed by a short relaxation practice so that each participant can hear themselves
- participants will put on masks to feel completely isolated and dark, and it is important to remember that the mask can be removed at any time
- then we will examine our hands as a creative tool, getting to know the materials by touch, brushes, paper and pastels. 
What will be important to us here is not the drawing itself, but the process. Intuitive, without evaluation or comparison.

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organisation that runs themed events for migrants to meet, expand their network and make friends!


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