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Forest bathing session and meet up
Urban Creatives
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This project aims to engage young migrants in managing a more sustainable lifestyle, increase awareness toward a sustainable and ecological living urban environment and raise the discussion on climate changes.

A forest bath is simply being mindful in nature, connecting with the forest through our senses. By opening our senses, we can connect the gap between us and the natural world. Creating a strong sensory connection with the forest that brings us into the present moment to release stress and relax us.

Nature is here to support us, all we need to do is slow down and listen.

A two-hour forest bath will help you to unplug from technology and slow down. It will bring you into the present moment and de-stress and relax you.

Workshop participants often share that their stress dissolves, confusion lifts, hearts open, emotions surface, ideas spring forth, and they take home a renewed sense of connection, meaning, and purpose.

Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) was developed in the 1980s in Japan. Although people had been taking walks in the country’s forests for centuries, studies showed that forest immersion had a wide array of health benefit,including lowering the stress hormone cortisol, strengthening the immune system, and improving mood and cognition. As more research highlighted the benefits of shinrin-yoku, the Japanese government incorporated it into the country’s health programme.

Yustin Castillo is a somatic therapist at Fluid stillness. She does Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and forest bathing sessions in Prague.



The webinar is part of Urban creatives project on well-being, healthy nutrition, and minimal waste (, funded by DZS and Solidarity Corps (