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How to find peace in the chaos
Urban Creatives
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This project aims to engage young migrants in managing a more sustainable lifestyle, increase awareness toward a sustainable and ecological living urban environment and raise the discussion on climate changes.

Improve your life with life-coaching webinars where you will learn how to reach your goals and find internal peace.
Did you know that in order to improve your life, it can be just about changing your point of view?
How do we observe reality? Can we change the way we observe it?
What is our potential? How can we discover it? And how can we effectively use it, in order to feel happy in life?

Luis Alfonso Reyes Aldaco - Life and business Coach. Human rights specialist lawyer.
"I am originally from Mexico, but I moved to Prague in 2018 to study for my master’s degree at Charles University. I also attended a certification at ICC Consulting to train myself as a coach and did my master’s with Newfield Network. I give 1-on-1 life coaching sessions in English and Spanish and courses where I teach communicational and emotional skills. My goal is to share my knowledge and help people to find themselves and improve their well-being".



The webinar is a part of Urban creatives project on well-being, healthy nutrition, and minimal waste (, funded by DZS and Solidarity Corps (