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Intuitive Dance Workshop:
Centrum BackStage Pešlova 133, 190 00 Praha 9-Vysočany
Together with City Council
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Helping migrants and refugees from Ukraine (women and children) to integrate into Czech society much faster and easier. Creation of a community for people who now need our support and participation.

Intuitive Dance Workshop: "I am in Motion" 

Date: 17 September
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Place: Centrum BackStage Pešlova 133, 190 00 Praha 9-Vysočany.
For whom: Everyone interested Duration: 1-2 hours
Price: Free To register, please write + in the comments to this post.

The number of places is limited - 10

Our body and soul are intimately connected and dance is a powerful tool for healing. Join our masterclass to learn how movement and expressive dance can help you understand and ease your emotional and physical well-being.

In the masterclass we will not just explore movement, but also delve into the psychological aspect of dance, revealing the deep layers of your emotions and inner feelings. We invite you not just to dance, but to create a psychological journey through movement.

The varied exercises you will experience during the workshop will allow you to:

1️⃣ Immerse yourself in understanding your body as a tool for self-expression.
2️⃣ Expand your knowledge base of how movement relates to your thoughts and emotions.
3️⃣ Master dance meditation as a way to achieve harmony and inner peace.
4️⃣ Feel in control of your body and emotions by realising your inner power.

The workshop will not only provide you with the practical tools of dance, but will also take into account the therapeutic aspects, allowing you to approach your emotions and thoughts with understanding and care.

Don't miss the opportunity to enter the world of dance and healing through deep psychological engagement with yourself. Stay tuned for our updates and share this information with friends who may also be interested in this unique experience!

The session will be supported by the City of Prague 14 and the Czech Ministry of the Interior.

„Uvedená akce je pořádaná v rámci projektu "Integrace držitelů dočasné ochrany na Praze 14 v roce 2023" v ramci projektu na podporu integrace držitelů dočasné ochrany na lokální úrovni v roce 2023, spolufinancovaného Ministerstvem vnitra ČR“