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Ride: Job Fair and Lectorium
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Creating opportunities for migrant women in their employability at the labour market by giving them the possibility to re-skill or upskill in the digital sector through specially designed training courses.

Youth Included has prepared a lecture series for all those who want to get into IT but don't know where to start. The lecture series of 3 lectures was created as part of the EU RIDE project, which aims to support on the way to finding a new job in the digital sector.

Date: 01.11.2022
Hours: 4pm - 9pm
Address: Czechitas z.ú., Václavské náměstí 837/11, Praha 1 - Nové Město 110 00, Česká republika

We will send you a confirmation of your attendance at the e-mail address you provide in the registration form.

Duration: 5 hours

Cost: free of charge

Language: English

Lectures are led by: 

Daria Smailichuk 

 Head of IT recruitment at Slotegrator

Maria Sakieva 

 Career counselor, recruiter, certified coach

Anastasia Salamatin 

 Social scientist with seven years of experience in developing million-dollar projects from scratch

At this five-hour lecture, you will understand how to enter a promising area, take your first steps toward a new profession, and dispel the myth that IT is only for engineers. 

At the event you will:

- Get an opportunity to look at the market from a recruiter's point of view.
- Find out how and which positions are realistic for newcomers in IT companies. 
- Understand how affiliate marketing can help humanitarian IT professionals build a career
- You will learn how to set up a LinkedIn profile to regularly receive job offers.

The lectures are led by experienced professionals. They will share information you won't find on google. 



16.00 - How Junior specialists can get a job in an IT company? 

Speaker: Darya Smailichuk, Head of IT recruitment at Slotegrator


- Entry points in IT: positions and required skills
- Where and how to look for a job in Czech Republic? 
- Czech labor market 2022: What kind of specialists are in demand on the market right now and how much are they paid?
- Trends on the global IT market: what professions are the best candidates for training?


16:50 - Affiliate marketing - how to get started in IT, if you are a humanitarian?

How can sales, marketing and PR professionals find themselves in IT?

Speaker: Anastasia Salamatin, social scientist with seven years of experience in developing million-dollar projects from scratch


- What is affiliate marketing and how are global brands using it? 
- What positions require soft skills for a humanitarian like air? 
- Where and how to look for vacancies to look for work in the Czech Republic and abroad
- How to successfully pass an interview for a dream job
Bonus: CV review, after which you will be definitely called for an interview


17:40 - LinkedIn: How to get permanent job offers on LinkedIn?

Speaker: Maria Sakieva. Career consultant, coach and recruiter.


- How recruiters look for candidates on LinkedIn
- How to become visible to recruiters and regularly receive job offers
- How to properly network on LinkedIn 


19.00 - 
Job fair

A fresh concept of the most exciting networking event for expats in Prague within the EU RIDE project, which targets to support migrant women on their journey to find new jobs in digital sector.

This event is perfect for international and bilingual job seekers looking for new job opportunities in Prague. Ride job faie brings together multiple job suppliers to meet with the potential employees under one roof.

The official language of the fairs is English.


To sign up for a lecture series, fill out the form. In it, you need to select the specific lectures you plan to attend.


At the lecture you can apply for our free courses with which you can replenish your skills and get your first experience for a new profession. 


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In the course, you'll learn the process of creating an app from the beginning, working on an existing project. Employment for the best students is possible.


Youth Included invites small and medium-sized business owners to a digital marketing course in which you, under the guidance of a mentor:

- Conduct an audit of your business in its current situation

- Analyze your competitors

- Create a unique selling proposition and product line

- Develop advertising layouts

- Write out scripts for communication with clients and handling objections



Networking and education

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration andIntegration Fund (project no. AMIF-2019-AG-CALL-957916)