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How to convert subscribers into customers: best practices
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Helping migrants and refugees from Ukraine (women and children) to integrate into Czech society much faster and easier. Creation of a community for people who now need our support and participation.

How to convert subscribers into customers: best practices

Date: 31 October

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

For whom: Anyone interested

Duration: 3 hours

Price: No charge

Turning a subscriber into a loyal customer is an art that requires attention to detail and a quality strategy. We've prepared a few key steps for you to follow to help increase your conversion rate and attract new customers.

What we'll talk about:

- Selling by correspondence: Don't leave your subscribers unattended. Personal communication is the key to trust. Actively communicate with them through private messages, offer personalised offers and solve their problems.

- Instagram Funnels: Create attractive sales funnels that will guide your followers to make purchases.

- Storytelling: Tell stories about your brand and products. Attract attention with exceptional content that will pique subscribers' interest and engage them in your story.

- Customer Engagement Channels: Discuss a variety of engagement channels such as social media advertising, search engine optimisation, contextual advertising and more.

- What to do with new subscribers: Let's talk about new subscribers as a valuable asset with whom you need to build a trusting relationship.

- How to conduct a consultation with 80% conversion rate: We will discuss the client's needs and questions to identify their problems.

Lector: Natalia Vinnik

„Uvedená akce je pořádaná v rámci projektu "Integrace držitelů dočasné ochrany na Praze 14 v roce 2023" v ramci projektu na podporu integrace držitelů dočasné ochrany na lokální úrovni v roce 2023, spolufinancovaného Ministerstvem vnitra ČR“