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Seminar: How to start working in the Beauty sector in the Czech Republic?
LEXIS language school, Seifertova 327/85
Together with City Council
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Helping migrants and refugees from Ukraine (women and children) to integrate into Czech society much faster and easier. Creation of a community for people who now need our support and participation.

Seminar: How to start working in the Beauty sector in the Czech Republic?

Date: 10.12  

Time: 14.20-15.50  

Place: LEXIS language school, Seifertova 327/85.  

For whom: Everyone  

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: Free of charge  


Do you want to change the sphere of activity? And start working in the Beauty sector? But do not know how to start and whether it is worth it? Work as a manicurist attracts many people with good income, free schedule and not tied to the city or country, because this profession is relevant always and everywhere.

Course lecturer: Amantayeva Anel, owner of a manicure salon in Prague, instructor and Beauty Mentor.


At this seminar we will talk about the main things for those who want to plunge into a new profession!


  • what is happening to the beauty industry market now?
  • how much can a master earn?
  • how to find good manicure courses?
  • how to find a job in the salon? or is it better to rent a place?
  • how to look for the first clients?
  • what exams do I need to pass to work legally in the Czech Republic?
  • how to build a personal brand in the beauty industry?