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Plants for busy lifestyle - webinar
Urban Creatives
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This project aims to engage young migrants in managing a more sustainable lifestyle, increase awareness toward a sustainable and ecological living urban environment and raise the discussion on climate changes.

If you want to green your flat and make it cosier but you are busy or don’t like to spend much time taking care of the plants, check this webinar. We will provide you with useful tips on which plants to choose and how to keep them alive and healthy

"My name is Terka and I am Czech, born and raised in Prague. I love plants of all colours and sizes, and since I love travelling, I often end up bringing odd seeds home, where I try to grow them, (not always successfully). I am a firm believer in the power that plants have and the fact that if we give them love, they return it... My small flat is now home to 40+ plants and I am not stopping! Let me share some of my experience with you".



The webinar is a part of Urban creatives project on well-being, healthy nutrition, and minimal waste (, funded by DZS and Solidarity Corps (