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Psychological training: Why am I sick?
Together with City Council
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Helping migrants and refugees from Ukraine (women and children) to integrate into Czech society much faster and easier. Creation of a community for people who now need our support and participation.

Date: 9/23.
Time: 10.00-15.00
Place: we will write in the participants' chat room
For whom: No restrictions
Duration: 5 hours
Price: Free of charge
Places are limited
▪️ Please do not come to the event without our contact with you, as in this case we will have to refuse you on the spot.
Our psyche is a very delicate matter, which at a certain moment some external influences can not withstand and, as a consequence, give "failure". When there is some strong and prolonged psychological pressure on a person, neurosis is formed, which can eventually grow into psychosomatic manifestations. Subsequently, a change in the physical condition of a person begins, poor health, many diseases progress. Thus, moral well-being passes to the physical plane and is reflected in the state of the body.
We will consider such questions as:
1. What is affecting my health?
Beliefs, diagnoses, and compulsions as a major source of disease
2. Why do emotions move into the body?
Emotions and behavioral strategies and how they affect our lives
3. Allergies as a defense mechanism of the body
Provoking conflicts and working with them
4. discovering self-love
Self-love as a source of strength

There will be a lot of practical work with the body.
Sessions will be led by: Igor Dragun

The training is supported by the City of Prague 14 and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.