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Portfolio development for migrant photographers through working with film photography
LEXIS language school, Seifertova 327/85
Together with City Council
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Helping migrants and refugees from Ukraine (women and children) to integrate into Czech society much faster and easier. Creation of a community for people who now need our support and participation.


  • I part: 14.12.2023
  • II part: 15.12.2023

Time: 13:30-15:00
Place: LEXIS language school, Seifertova 327/85
For whom: All interested persons
Duration: 1,5 hours
Price: Free of charge 


Dear photographers, a great opportunity to talk to a professional of your business about the peculiarities of using film cameras to enrich your portfolio!


 1. Basics
Types and formats of films. Their pros and cons. How to choose the right film for the right purpose. How film reacts to light. Exposure and how to make friends with it
 2. Cameras
Types of cameras. What is better to choose for certain tasks. Where to buy, how to check. 

Hosted by Gleb Osipov 
- Amateur photographer without a digital camera, who has shot over 300 films in the last 5 years, tried all laboratories in Prague and most of the films on the market. He has gone from the first fully exposed film to a conscious approach to every shot.