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RIDE BOOTCAMP 2 months intense course
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Creating opportunities for migrant women in their employability at the labour market by giving them the possibility to re-skill or upskill in the digital sector through specially designed training courses.

From 1 April, Youth Included has prepared a unique offer to take a FREE 50-hour digital marketing course with the best lectures for 20 women as part of Project RIDE. This course will literally make your dreams come true, don't hesitate and apply for one of the places today!

Enrollment in the program: 21.03-27.03
Duration: 1.04-25.05
Application form: https: //
Available places: 20


The full-scale program of photography, video, design, marketing, has been divided into 3 stages, in which students can grow as they progress through each stage, adding to both their knowledge and their practice. This all-in course takes the form of a bootcamp, which allows our students to go through 3 stages in one package, and launch their careers in video-making in an intensive period of only 8 weeks.


• Weekly practice

• Online/Offline sessions
• Curating program and support

• Video resources

• Case studies

• Live portfolio building

• Diploma work


Our students are capable to revise, rewatch and come back to specific topics they learned during online/offline sessions through our online platform with material.


Throughout the course, we use and learn essential programs for professional use: Adobe Collection, Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, FCPX, Canva, Illustrator, Milanote, ProMovie.


Our unique practical tasks are inspired by the most valuable and effective practices integrated by New York Film Academy in their film studies. In combination with our practices the course brings the fastest results.


Our speakers are professionals, who have a strong experience and portfolios in the video making industry. Creators of marketing agencies, collaborators with big Russian and Czech music artists, big brands such as Mercedes-Benz, ZAW Fashion, Victoria's Secret. They are here to share, deliver and practice knowledge based on actual cases, and experience in the field of action.

The course will be held in the classes, studio, out, and several lectures will be held online

The RIDE project aims at including migrant and refugee women into the digital labour market by specially designed courses and training. A major part of the project is dedicated to preparing them for accessing the labour market and raising awareness about women rights in the host countries.

The anticipated long-term impact of the project is to empower women and equip them with the necessary tools that will enable them to put in the right track their own integration process during and beyond the lifetime of the project.


Networking and education


RIDE  is totally free for the participants, because it is a EU project funded by AMIF(Action Grant (AMIF-2019-AG-CALL).  RIDE aims to include migrant and refugee women in the digital labour market by giving them the possibility to re-skill or upskill in the digital sector through specially designed training courses enabling them to start working.