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Training: "Soft Sales"
Urban Creatives
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This project aims to engage young migrants in managing a more sustainable lifestyle, increase awareness toward a sustainable and ecological living urban environment and raise the discussion on climate changes.

Useful for:
- beginners and existing entrepreneurs who want to increase sales, average check conversion from application to sale and expand the product line.
⁃ Sales managers
⁃ Self-employed professionals who want to learn how to sell their services / products a lot and at a high price.
- Everyone, who wants to learn how to profitably present themselves and figure out how to sell eco-way, without being pushy or imposing

What to expect:
Three days for 3-4 hours of productive work,

Forms of work:
Mini lectures for 15-20 minutes
Working tools and practice
Individual work, work in small groups, work in general group

Day blocks:

Acquaintance, networking 
Selling presentaion of yourself in 1 minute
What is a soft sell
The basic principles of sales without pushing and manipulating
7 stages of a classic sale
Needs identification phase thorugh coaching questions and design thinking
Product / service presentation considering customer's benefits
5 customer benefits
Hidden customer benefits

Work with objections
True or False Objections
Avoiding objections
Closing the deal
The most working sales techniques

How to increase the average check
Product matrix (product line)
Sales funnels
4 degrees of warmth of the buyer
Sales myths



Why for free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that runs themed events for migrants to get to know each other, expand their network and make friends!

This meeting is part of our Artistic Nomads project (, funded by our dear DZS and Solidarity Corps (