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Help for refugees in Prague 14

Help for refugees in Prague 14

The city district of Prague 14, in cooperation with the non-profit organization Youth Included, is taking steps to help refugees affected by the conflict in Ukraine to realize their potential and fulfill themselves in the Czech Republic.

The non-profit organization Youth Included, with the help of Prague 14, works to help refugees settle down and feel better about themselves in the Czech Republic.

They offer various programs, such as free courses and training programs, to help refugees feel more confident and find jobs so that they can become part of Czech society.

Over the past seven months, Youth Included has provided more than 1,000 unique activities covering a variety of categories:

  • psychological help,

  • programs of socialization in the Czech society,

  • help with adaptation during their stay in the Czech Republic,

  • language and communication training,

  • courses and holiday camps for children,

  • retraining programs,

  • IT courses

  • art workshops and trainings,

  • recreation and sports.

Youth Inclusion has created a special space for self-expression, support and connection. Through a variety of activities, refugees have been able to relax and release the stress of forced displacement, loss of familiar surroundings, traumatic experiences and news.

Retraining Programs

Youth Inclusion, with the support of Prague 14, has conducted numerous retraining courses for refugees from Ukraine to help newcomers find jobs where language skills are not so important: in information technology, video production and marketing.

Examples of courses include:

"Basic Programming in Java and Python."

"SMM Development for Business"

"Graphic Design for Beginners" 

"Employment assistance in the Czech Republic"

"Product design as a job in the IT sector for humanities"

"How to start your own business with minimal language skills"

"How to work as an individual entrepreneur in the Czech Republic"

"How to write a sales text.