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from 01 Jan 2021 till 31 Mar 2022

Avast Foundation

Avast Foundation




Project aimed at promoting and creating opportunities in IT for the migrants. Lectures, seminars and courses on integration in the IT labour market, obtaining essential IT skills, and applying for the job in IT.

events of the project

The Avast Foundation was established in 2010. It focuses on supporting issues such as end-of-life care, helping parents of children with disabilities and the development of the education system in the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to support people who are disadvantaged in society due to their health and/or social status and/or ethnic origin, to develop education and support talented young people, to support physical development and sports activities, to support the development of health care facilities, especially their material equipment, to support the arts, to improve the quality of the environment and support ecological projects, to support activities in the field of animal care, and to support generally beneficial and necessary activities.

We have implemented several events within the project Avast Foundation and the result of this initiative is as follows: 

Foreigners who take part in the initiative will be well informed about integration in the Czech Republic, gain knowledge about integration in the labour market, and gain access to IT skills, which will enable them to find better jobs, be more qualified and be competitive on the market.

Check out our Project Events section to see all the great events we have created with our team.


The Foundation's legacy and projects will continue through the Abakus Foundation, the endowment fund of Avast's founders, from 2021 onwards. Visit