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Creation of the community with a main focus on Digital and Social Entrepreneurship for the young migrants. Offline course including seminars and mentoring programs, but also online learning platform.

events of the project

EDEEY is a EU project which main goal is to create an educational movement( tailor-made educational materials, training course and a bootcamp of startaps) on the topic of digital entrepreneurship for those, who lack knowledge on it but are willing to upgrade their skills and re-enter the labour market through the totally new doors.



It will primarily target young people between the ages of 16-25 with a particular focus on young people from low-income households, migrants from third countries. But also ready to support everyone who wants. As a way of poverty alleviation, whilst also increasing the creation of jobs for their peers.



The Edeey platform will create a strong community of aspiring digital entrepreneurs, and provide them with easily accessible information on the subject. The platform includes delivery of face-to-face training workshops and competitions in all participating countries. The training will encourage transnational participation, cultural awareness and knowledge transfer between participants.

The features of the Edeey training:

- Interactive workshops with digital entrepreneurs and practitioners.

- International collaboration and partnership to encourage knowledge transfer and integration.

- Competition judged by digital entrepreneurs on social media strategy plan, focusing on ethics, security and viability.


The project consists of 3 stages. 

The first stage includes 4 interactive seminars with professionals. 3 of them will be deliberately for the young adults and one for the social workers, volunteers and others who potentially can introduce the young adults to digital enterpreneurship.  
These seminar can be organized offline with the capacity of 15 people per session. One seminar should last approximately 1.5 hours on the following topics:
Digital marketing
Digital enterpreneurship 
It includes curriculum development for young people and youth workers/ educationalists. 
The project delivery of the eLearning platform for participants including two accredited e-courses for: (a) young people, (b) youth workers/ educationalists. You can can find it right here!

The educational platform includes 6 courses,which are in open access to the general public, the topics are the following: 
- Business planning and practical advice from experts 
- Access to finance and other support for your enterprise 
- Social Enterprise - Measuring social impact
- Marketing strategy - Focus on digital
- Social media and content marketing
- GDPR and digital skills for working remotely 

The final stage is a Mentoring program for the young adults, who will come with an idea of an ethical business and our trainers will help them to go through the educational materials to master it in business terms. The finale of the project is the Competition where the participants for the best business plan win a prize of going to London to the final Conference of Edeey! 


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission ( [Project number: 2019-1-UK01-KA205-062214]