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2020-12-01 19:25:00


2021-12-31 19:25:00

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Our Solidarity project aims to offer young migrants of Prague a creative and safe place where everybody is welcome to self-express.

The program of the project contains:

1. 6 retreat meetings out of Prague in modest accommodation in a guesthouse. The retreats will take 2-3 days. The main goal is to create a creative and supportive space for productive work on writing pieces. We would like to construct a program for these retreats in accordance with the modern methodology of non-formal education and formal knowledge of the techniques of perfecting our writing skills. Each retreat might enroll by 15 people.

2. 15 sessions with professionals with expertise in the field (Writing skills, Storytelling Skills etc.). Each seminar might enroll up to 20 people.

3. 15 private meetings of the participants to discuss their works and conduct feedback sessions. Each meeting might enroll up to 15 people.

4.PDF collection of our participants' works;


5. Shooted video interview with participants about the project;

6. Mapping of the research materials on the topic for the general public.


 We hope that a supportive atmosphere of retreats and with time and space to practice, sessions with professionals and peer-to-peer learning at the meetings in Prague can become a productive and inviting environment for the young migrants to believe in themself and become better in the art of writing. We hope that even for some of them this kind of meaningful leisure time can further on develop into professional identification.


Whilst meeting for preparing this project we agreed that we would like the following topics to become the starting point of our conversation


*Social Media and Mental Health

*Identity loss

*Domestic Violence and Abuse

*Environmental protection

We believe that within these topics we could reveal and express the essence of it for those who are unaware of such issues and encourage them to be supportive; and maybe help those who have suffered from any of them.

We are sure that this project will be a great place for meeting like-minded people, who want to develop and learn new practical information about writing, but also it will be a safe place to process, study, research and create short stories or novels on the problems, which are bothering the young migrants. This project will tackle the problems that are worth speaking and writing about.


We would like to achieve the following goals:
-Introduction into the civic engagement opportunities;
-Meaningful leisure time(professional skills, practice, safe stimulating place for writing);
-Providing a multilingual environment( retreats, sessions with professionals and writing community meetings will be
conducted for Russian speaking migrants and English speaking migrants);
-Community building and its sustainability;
-Peer-to-Peer Education;
-Non-formal education;
-Strengthening the personal capacities of individual participants;
-Boosting participants` self-confidence and self-evaluation;
-Enabling participants' creativity development;
-Enabling participants to identify their place in this profession;
-Opening the discussion over the important world issues;
-Creating social groups and informal support groups, which later will become sustainable;
-Enable artistic expression of teamwork and presentation of migrant works.

This project is funded by the Soliarity Corps (https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en)

The aim of the European Solidarity Corps is to offer young people the opportunity to help those in need, to take part in solving societal problems and to work for a more inclusive society. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to gain new skills and work experience, which will improve their position in the labour market. 

Event: Finding Answers through Writing

Interactive and insightful course on how to overcome some of your fears and start writing. Besides course boosted my creativity through simple and fun exercises. By the end of it I was able to finally write some comprehensible short story instead of a usual mess of my thoughts.

Event: Workshop "Be a writer VS play a writer"

Very cozy and warm class. I really liked the exercises for the development of imagination and creativity. Time in class flies quickly, we have a lot of fun and immerse ourselves in different stories. Special thanks for the writing techniques and tricks.

Event: Writers' Course

Due to circumstances, I only attended the course for 1 day, but I really liked even one class) at the beginning there was an interesting questionnaire, and then we discussed topics related to writing. Even though I am far from this topic, but I was very interested and involved in the process. Thank you

Event: Writing master class

I really enjoyed the meeting, it was really useful for me and I started to understand purposes of my writings, aims and my characters. Thank you!