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from 01 Jan 2021 till 31 Mar 2022

Out of the box society

Out of the box society




A platform for networking and realisation of socio-cultural initiatives of third country nationals, easing the economical and social integration, fostering the healthy attitude towards oneself and educating on different skills.

events of the project

Who are we and what is Out of the Box Society project?

There are basic spheres that Out of the Box Society focus its attention for Integration and Networking of the migrants:

What benefit can our project bring to the local community?

The solidarity project “Out of the Box Society” is a platform for networking and realization of initiatives( in the form of meeting, common walks into nature, seminars and workshops) to unite and educate the citizens of Prague;

The preparation phase (1 month) is the time for the common work of our group in cooperation with our couch. Under her guidance we will get into contact with the non-formal groups and NGOs which specialize in working with migrants and conduct our research, which will be later available for the general public on the subpage of Youth Included.

Next, we will work on the arrangement of schedule and space for the first sessions and the creation of social media strategy.

Quality management of the content for the sessions will be checked by the members of our team in advance, so that we always present interesting materials.


1. Planned Networking and Educational sessions ( 20 sessions)

These sessions will be realized using the network we have already obtained to start to attract the young migrants and the general public and involve them into the course of community peer-to-peer learning. Sessions will be conducted in the form of meetings, seminars and workshops based on non-formal education methodology. Meanwhile, we expect 10-20 participants per session.

a). Cultural studies: The aim of this activity will be to introduce and promote the participants' diversity of cultures that they might meet in Prague on a deeper level with the help of lecturers with expertise in this field.

b.) Self-Expression: The aim of this activity is to showcase the talents of the young migrants and involve the others and the general public into the participation and encourage them to showcase their talents for the second part of the project( via acting, dancing, photo shooting, writing drawing etc.)

c). Outdoor community: The aim of this activity is to involve the general public and the young migrants into networking outdoors( via campings and walks in Prague parks or out of Prague, via walks in the historical city), what we believe will enable them to make new social connections in a more relaxed and natural manner.

2. Bank of Ideas(40 sessions)

We believe that the participants, who will come for our Planned sessions will be as talented as the lecturers and facilitators and we hope that by our example we will encourage them to lead the sessions by themselves. The Bank of Ideas will be a platform for the participants to try themselves at the position of the lecturers: share their skills, boost their confidence, integrate to the local society, and showcase their talents.

3. “Out of the box society” celebrations (3 times)

We do believe that in order to make the community stronger we should gather everybody to celebrate out togetherness. We want these sessions to be a good opportunity for everybody to meet again and make the bonding even stronger. The program for the activities will be prepared by the participants themselves under the guidance of the facilitators.

4. Brochure with good and bad practices.


The majority of the picture from our activities you can find in the gallery of the project, check out the othr tabs!

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that organizes thematic events for migrants so that they can meet, expand their network and find friends!

This meeting is taking place within the framework of Society out of the Box project (, DZS and Soliarity Corps funds us (