Youth Mythbusters

Engagement of youth in democratic and civic life



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The Youth MythBusters (YMB) project aims at promoting the engagement of youth and those at risk of social exclusion (NEETs) in democratic and civic life and to enhance their critical thinking and media literacy in order to strengthen democracy and fight manipulation, propaganda and fake news.

Specifically, the project will train young influencers through a capacity building programme to become active in the civic and democratic life and assume the role of the leader as to activate and engage their peers to face the challenges by low civic and political engagement and to also actively participate in the democratic and civic life.

Join us online https://www.youthmythbusters.eu and

  • #1 Enjoy our capacity building program for young influencers
  • #2 Participate in our e-learning training course
  • #3 Become a member of the Myth Busting teams


IO1 – Capacity building program for young people.

Finding young influencers – creating, translating call, contacting young influencers.

Creating learning materials for capacity building.

Capacity building (first round online, second round in person).


IO2 – E-learning platform

Creating and evaluating materials: research, content creation.

Adopting materials to Czech Context

E-learning platform implementation and dissemination.


IO3- Guide toolkit and peer-to-peer Mythbusting Action

Supervising young influencers in finding team and creating Mythbusting Action

Creating and communication with National Advisory Group

Delivering project by Mythbusting Teams


IO4 – Recommendation for increasing Civic and Political engagement and participation of Youth

Creating recommendation national paper: research, creation of materials, translation.