Acting class

Learn how to express yourself in free theatrical form

2021-08-26 19:30:00+02:00

Project: Artistic Nomads

In this workshop you will get acquainted with 4 great SAMOs:
- Self-observation
- Self-disclosure
- Self-expression
- Self-knowledge

Acquaintance with 4 SAMO will take place in a free theatrical form.

What will you do in this workshop:
- work with your voice
- step into a free, non-judgmental manifestation
- you are aware of your social habits
- work out the clamps and internal blocks
- plunge into the atmosphere of creativity.

Networking and education

Arseniy Mikhaylov

YI lecturer

Theater actor

Arseniy Mikhaylov
YI lecturer
Theater actor

⎯ Theater actor in “Teatr Novogo Fronta” ⎯ Organizer of theatre workshops and meditation retreats ⎯ Self-expression course leader ⎯ Expert in mindfulness and conscious approach to selfexpression ⎯ Expert in non-formal education ⎯ Specialist in artistic empowerment of self-expression

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