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Acting course (5 lessons)
Artistic Nomads
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Community building and networking for third country nationals through the use of arts and culture. Project focuses on photography, traditional and improvisational dance, creative writing, theatre and cultural trips.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to sign up for a free acting course of 5 lectures!

Each lesson will consist of a warm-up session (warm-up, relaxation exercises, release of clamps, memory and attention development, articulation exercises) and the main block, which will be dedicated to a different topic in each lesson.

In this course you will learn: how to work with your body, your voice, your speech and most importantly learn to work with your own emotions, all under the guidance of the director of the Prague Theatre in a fun way!

Course dates:
1. Getting to know your own body (05.01.22)
2. Plastique - keep working with the body (12.01.22)
3. Speech and voice (19.01.22)
4. Speech and introduction to improvisation (26.01.22)
5. Working with emotions (31.01.22)

Suitable for whom?
This course is ideal not only for those who are passionate about theatre, but also for those who are ready and willing to get to know themselves in a new way.

Lecturer: Lada Luntseva.
Director of the "Moon and Suspense" Theatre in Prague

Registration link:

Networking and education. 

Why is it free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organisation that runs themed events for migrants to meet, expand their network and make friends!

This meeting is part of our Networking for Integration project ( funded by Soliarity Corps (