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Basic online course: All about your voice
Out of the box society
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A platform for networking and realisation of socio-cultural initiatives of third country nationals, easing the economical and social integration, fostering the healthy attitude towards oneself and educating on different skills.

We invite you to take a singing course. Yes, you can sing! Can you feel this thrill? In fact, you already know how, but as you get older, you got tensed and took over different convictions from the others...
But nature ALREADY gave you a loud, beautiful voice and a sense of rhythm and music. All you need is to relax and return to what was initially given to us.

In the first series of our online meetings, you will learn and feel:

General introduction:
- What is natural breathing? What types of breathing exist and what difference makes breathing for your voice, speech, singing.
- What is "Voice on a Support"? How is breathing related to voice?
Why does it affect the volume?

"Speech support".
Articulation. How important is it in the formation of sounds and "support".
- Everything about the sound. How it "happens". How can we influence it?
Different stereotypes, about tense and so on that we will discuss.
- Practice exercises in all three directions:

Breath. Speech. Sound (singing)

- Body and voice - how is it connected?
- Improvisation. Feeling the music.
- Why can you ALREADY improvise.

The course is taught by Maria Golubitskaya (Inst: Marya.Goya)
Classical and jazz musician. Alumna of the Vienna Conservatory as opera artist.
The author of his own technique of singing and voice control.
Which includes: a mixture of the base of classical vocals and pop and jazz techniques. Acting skills. Improvisation, active meditation and the connection of body and sound.

2 online groups on the Zoom, once a week (1st group on Wednesday, 2nd on Sunday).
Seats are limited! 6-8 people per group.
(To pay attention to everyone).

Why for free?


Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that runs themed events for migrants to get to know each other, expand their network and make friends!

This meeting is part of our Society out of the Box project (, funded by our dear DZS and Solidarity Corps (