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YI: Cultural Power Project - Brewery tour to Staropramen
Cultural Power
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Community building for the young migrants through arts and acquaintance with the history and culture of the Czech Republic. Lectures on photography and writing, travels and sightseeing with professional guides.

YI: Cultural Power Project - Brewer Tour Staropramen

Youth Included prepared for you something new!
Acquaintance with the culture of the country through gastronomy. Visiting a brewer in Prague. A practical lesson in compiling travel notes.


We invite you to visit with us the Staropramen Brewery in Prague. The Staropramen Center is part of the historical complex of brewery buildings in the old industrial suburb of Prague called Smíchov.


This interactive tour takes you on a journey from the founding of Staropramen in 1869 to the present day. Through the rich history you will be guided by one of the most important characters in the history of Staropramen, the brewer Josef Paspa. At the Staropramen beer bar you can taste beers served in glasses made by Czech glassblowers.


Bring your cameras and smartphones, because we will learn how to take unusual pictures and then write about your impressions.


The project is supported by the European Solidarity Corps, which offers young people the opportunity to help those in need, to take part in solving social problems and to work for a more inclusive society. At the same time, it gives them the opportunity to gain new skills and work experience, which will improve their position in the labor market.


Cultural Power Project 2021-1-CZ01-ESC30-SOL-000036727


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