Choreo Fusion Open Course

Address: Politických vězňů 8, Kover Events (2nd floor)

Participation fee? Free of charge, the registration link can be found below

2022-03-10 18:00:00+02:00

Project: Artistic Nomads

YI has prepared an amazing opportunity for you to take part in the Choreo Fusion Open Course!

The Choreo Fusion course is a mixture of different contemporary dance styles combined into choreography. These include hip-hop, jazz-funk, popping, contemporaries.

In this course we focus on movement and performance development!

What components the course includes:
- It includes the study of different dance techniques, 
creating choreography,
- Work on musicianship and rhythmics, 
- Understanding your body within and across space.

Who is suitable? 
Anyone interested in choreography and working with their body is welcome to take part.

To register, click here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZBGhJg5XKaUm1EQ_LKpD4Y1NZnHrIHGz2d7Vx4dmx5Y/edit

Networking and education.

Why is it free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organisation that runs themed events for migrants to meet, expand their network and make friends!

This meeting is part of our Artistic Nomads project (https://youthincluded.com/projects/artistic-nomads) funded by Solidarity Corps (https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en)

Evgenij Nam

YI lecturer

Dance teacher

Evgenij Nam
YI lecturer
Dance teacher

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