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Address: nám IP Pavlova 3, Praha 2
(Sídlo Škrábkových 777/4, Prague 9)

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Or via social media on Telegram: @Interkulturnipracepraha14

Course: Basics of painting 4/4
Artistic Nomads
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Community building and networking for third country nationals through the use of arts and culture. Project focuses on photography, traditional and improvisational dance, creative writing, theatre and cultural trips.

We invite you to take a course on the basics of pictorial art. In four lectures, we will analyze the most popular works of the Renaissance, learn how to identify epochs, find out how Edouard Manet differs from Claude Monet! After this course, you will be able to come to the gallery and feel inside a video game. Let's learn to read art!

During the course, you will learn:
1. Time for Dragons and the Renaissance
- How everyone paints Christ (and everyone in their own way)
- 10 random facts about Renaissance art that can be told in snobby circles
2. Italy's first opponent is the Netherlands
- Glitter and Surrealism inside the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch
- 10 Flemish sayings that you can use to kill friends from the first blow (We analyze Pieter Brueghel literally!)
3. Romanticism and its long-lasting trace
- Why did Romanticism kill the philosophy of classicism?
- Karl Bryullov vs. Ivan Aivazovsky
4. The death of the Academy, the birth of Water Lilies
- How Napoleon sentenced Courbet's paintings to death
- Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Yellow Jesus: Post-Impressionism



Why is it free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that organizes thematic events for migrants so that they can meet, expand their network and find friends!

This meeting is taking place within the framework of Society out of the Box project (, DZS and Soliarity Corps funds us (ю