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Workshop: "Create and express yourself"




Out of the box society



Youth Included prapared an educational workshop for children, where they can develop imagination and plunge into a creative atmosphere!

Registration by number: +420774149480

This event is for children from six years old, intended to relax them in a creative atmosphere.

This workshop aims to use art practices and creative exercises to allow the participants to focus on their inner world. Show how much each person keeps treasures inside of himself.

The event's goal is to shift the focus from the situation that happened to these children to the perspective.

Remind that life goes on, and it is easier to experience everything through creative expressions.

Why for free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that runs themed events for migrants to get to know each other, expand their network and make friends!

Networking and education.

This meeting is part of our Society out of the Box project (, funded by our dear DZS and Solidarity Corps  (