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Czech: castle trips, excursions, lectures
Cultural Power
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Community building for the young migrants through arts and acquaintance with the history and culture of the Czech Republic. Lectures on photography and writing, travels and sightseeing with professional guides.

Culture and history of the Czech Republic for foreigners.
How to become your own in the Czech Republic and start earning by traveling 

Free: 2 trips to the Castles, 4 excursions and 2 useful lectures!

We invite you to a course dedicated to the history and culture of the Czech Republic, which will help you learn about the traditions and secrets of the country, as well as give you a chance to try yourself as travel bloggers and photographers.

On the first introductory lecture you will find practical tips on how to make your trips as rich and interesting as possible, what to see in the Czech Republic from natural and cultural sights as well as how to monetize your travels: how and why to blog, where to sell your notes and photos, introduction to the profession of guide and photographer in Prague. 
Importantly, we are not limited to the lecture hall, because after the theory you will have 6 more fascinating tours of Prague and with outings to the castles of the Czech Republic 
You can book your seats and dates at the introductory lecture!

Introductory lecture - theoretical material. (May 21, 2022).
1. The main historical milestones that influenced the culture of the Czech Republic and the mentality of the locals. Brief excursus into the past from a professional guide.
2. Monetization of travel. Features of travel blog, how and where to write notes about your trips, collaboration with tourist portals, work as a guide in the Czech Republic.
3. Travel photo. Preparation of photos for sale on photostocks and not only. 

Practical part:
History of the Bohemian Kingdom and secrets of the Czech kings. Trip to Karlstejn Castle in Prague with a guided tour. Practical lesson on making tourist notes. (28.05.2022)
Bohemia under the rule of the Habsburgs. The splendor and mystery of the noble families. Trip from Prague to Mělník Castle with a guided tour. Practical exercise in compiling travel notes. (5.06.2022)
Tour of Prague. Reflection of culture and mentality in the appearance of the city. Practical lesson in photography. Looking for interesting angles of famous landmarks. (19.06.2022)
Modern art in Prague, excursion with a visit to the Montanelli Museum. Practical lesson in photography. Looking for interesting angles of famous landmarks. (29.06.2022)
Czech Literature. Excursion to the Kafka Museum. Practical lesson on making tourist notes. (9.07.2022)
Acquaintance with the culture of the country through gastronomy. Visit to the brewery in Prague. Practical lesson on making tourist notes. (18.07.2022)

Lectures and guided tours are free for participants. Also paid train tickets for the outbound excursions from Prague. 
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Because Youth Included is a non-profit organisation that runs themed events for migrants to meet, expand their network and make friends! 


Networking and education

The aim of the European Solidarity Corps is to offer young people the opportunity to help those in need, to take part in solving societal problems and to work for a more inclusive society. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to gain new skills and work experience, which will improve their position in the labour market.