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Digital Marketing Guru Course
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Project aimed at supporting social inclusion through promotion and creation of opportunities in IT for the migrants. Courses on Digital marketing, Python and Java.

Digital Marketing Guru Course

Do not miss an opportunity to become a pro marketer with the ICT4TCN course on Digital Marketing (and increase your chances to get a job)!

Start: 10.08.2021
Final: 17.09-19.09.2021
Adress: Toulcův dvůr, Kubatova 32/1, 102 00 Praha 10

Why you need to join?
✨ Discover how social media work
✨ Learn 2 generate leads and set up campaigns
✨ Become a junior SMM professional

What’s inside?
● NETWORKING with professional and successful marketers
● SETTING UP of marketing campaigns that generate sales
● DEVELOPMENT of marketing campaigns and content
● EXPLORATION of promotion mechanisms
● UNDERSTANDING of metrics and outreach statistics
● PREPARATION of your entry to the labor market as an SMM specialist

We make this course for those who want to build their hard and soft skills to use them in digital marketing.

Do not expect classic lessons with tons of theory. I'm making it 147% interactive and collaborative so you're gonna be the main contributors for your success.

The key results for you will be an understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing, the ability to work with basic tools and the first examples of work for your portfolio.

Networking and education

The course is FREE OF CHARGE!

Why is it free?
This meeting is part of ICT4TCN project. ICT4TCN project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.