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Game workshop for beginners: Theatrical techniques for self-expression
Centrum BackStage Pešlova 133, 190 00 Praha 9-Vysočany
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Cultivating creative expression as means to promote social inclusion and community cohesion between third country nationals. Project focuses on visual art, literature, theatre, creative writing, film, and photography.

Game workshop for beginners: Theater techniques for self-expression


Date: 9/16/2023

Time: 11.00-13.00

Duration: 2 hours


You can have any background and any experience, the workshop will be a space for you to get to know yourself, to play, to expand your boundaries of expression. Freedom of manifestation is the ability to show your uniqueness, to show your inner world, to radiate outward the best that a person is capable of at the moment. The training program combines acting techniques, yogic practices and playful improvisation.


After the training you will be able to:


  • become more confident and relaxed
  • learn to go beyond the usual
  • discover new charismatic facets of yourself
  • immerse yourself in an atmosphere of creativity and acceptance
  • learn to let go of control and enjoy the unknown


IN-Create is a two-year project co-funded by the European Union under the ERASMUS+ KA227 Partnership for Creativity program (Grant Agreement 2020-1-CZ01-KA227-ADU-094404).