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Address: nám IP Pavlova 3, Praha 2
(Sídlo Škrábkových 777/4, Prague 9)

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Or via social media on Telegram: @Interkulturnipracepraha14

Celebration: Art Meeting (2 events)
Out of the box society
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A platform for networking and realisation of socio-cultural initiatives of third country nationals, easing the economical and social integration, fostering the healthy attitude towards oneself and educating on different skills.

Communities of DRC and Youth Included meet to share their artistic works with each other!
Join us to celebrate versatility of artistic expression and become part of the community.

We provide two meetings: 26.08, 18.09

We meet to share our works with each other and discuss them (only friendly constructive feedback is allowed). Our evening's agenda includes poetry, prose, music, and any other forms of art you wish to share.

 This time we are hosting you together with NGO Youth Included.

The meeting will be held in English, but we welcome you to share works in any language as art is the universal language of mankind.

What we value in art: beauty, meaning, fantasy, harmony, sublimity, inspiration.

Topics we avoid in our agenda: politics, religious dispute, cynicism, shock content, pornography, fanfiction.

Feel free to contact the organizer (Javier Mar) for additional details (or if you want to share your works with us).

Dark Romantic Club is a creative community inspired by private literary salons and clubs from the 18th and 19th centuries.

We are a community of associates sharing somewhat similar artistic tastes and views. We always welcome positive communication about art.

Networking and education

Why free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that runs themed events for migrants to get to know them, expand their network and make friends!
And because DRC wants these meetings to be an open and welcoming space for everyone!

This meeting is part of our Networking for Integration project (, funded by our dear DZS and Soliarity Corps (