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Lecture: The essence of the startup and how to present your business ideas!
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Creation of the community with a main focus on Digital and Social Entrepreneurship for the young migrants. Offline course including seminars and mentoring programs, but also online learning platform.

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YI prepared for you something new!
Lecture: The essence of the startup and how to present your business ideas!
Date: 19.07
Time: 18.30

Imagine you can increase the chance for your fresh business success by 42% only if you verify your customer!

What is to "verify" the customer and what else you can do to maximize your chances for the future startup success? At this lecture a startup enthusiast Denys Sabanadze, who has managed a SaaS company with 250 000 users and closed a 4 million czk investment round, will guide you through the fundamentals of the startup, what makes a business a startup, and how to complete the entrepreneurial puzzle and attract investments.

During the lecture we will cover:
1. Template for business/project presentation (500 Startups pitch deck)
2. Startup theory (what makes startup a startup)
3. Introduction to project essentials (Product-solution-market fit, MVP, MVT, and basic financials)
4. What maximizes a startup success (hints and tricks on how to not to make wrong things)

This lecture is created for all sorts of startup enthusiasts, with different experience levels. Whether you have a startup, or you are only thinking of one – at this lecture you can structure your existing knowledge or learn new things about how to approach investors or the creation of a successful scalable business.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission ( [Project number: 2019-1-UK01-KA205-062214]