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Project aimed at supporting social inclusion through promotion and creation of opportunities in IT for the migrants. Courses on Digital marketing, Python and Java.


Do not miss an opportunity to enlarge your knowledge about digital design and extend your network with the ICT4TCN course (and increase your chances to get a job)!

Start: 16.08.2021
Final: 24.09-26.09.2021

Adress: Penzion Kersko,

✨Have you ever dreamed of trying yourself as a part of a powerful team?
✨Or of creating together a digital startup from the moment of the idea, research, drawing of the design, to the final implementation?

 During this time you will:
- Determine what ideas are actual for the market for now. Understand that your brilliant idea is not brilliant at all and is interesting only to you.
- First steps with an idea. Who is needed in the team, how to put hypotheses and look for answers on the Internet-market research, answers to yourself about the meaning of your actions. Without this, you will get tired at the next step.
- UX Design. From Flow to Full Design. You will find out who a design manager is, how designers work in a team, how to build user-friendly interfaces and solve client's business problems without interfering with users ' lives.
- What types of design are there in the digital sphere. How to see a high-quality interface, distinguish styles, find a balance of colors. Fonts, without them in any way in the digital spheres.
- How a designer and a programmer work. What can’t be done in order not to become hated by programmers and not to leave work because of this. We will find out the structure of programs and websites
How do we do this?
There are three days, several experts, far away from home we will have time to do everything! We will get together to learn more about the design. Design is not only about graphics and drawing design - it's about people. If you think like a designer, you are able to solve your problems and tasks with a high degree of creativity. If you solve problems creatively , you solve them all in no way and leave your mark on the work always, no matter what you do. Such people are especially appreciated in the market and they are always visible in the crowd.

Reserve your place and prepare for a great journey!!!

Networking and education

The course is FREE OF CHARGE!

Why is it free?
This meeting is part of ICT4TCN project. ICT4TCN project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.