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Entering to the labour market: Where to search for an IT job? (Full-time + freelance)
Avast Foundation
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Project aimed at promoting and creating opportunities in IT for the migrants. Lectures, seminars and courses on integration in the IT labour market, obtaining essential IT skills, and applying for the job in IT.

YI gives you the opportunity to receive free educational courses, so we've put together an amazing programme for you with a professional!

The second lecture includes the topic:

Where to search for an IT job? (Full-time + freelance)

Today's software development industry reminds of a reversed Tinder, where cute ladies write nerds, and they do not reply – this is a popular joke ironizing that the demand for IT labour has exceeded the supply. Despite that, most junior IT specialists or fresh graduates of IT boot camps and online courses are wondering – where are all these job offers flooding their inboxes?

Junior specialists typically do not know that there are certain channels, where the most of the hiring is happening. Moreover, rarely even experienced workers utilize all possible channels for their own benefit, therefore, loosing an opportunity to increase their salary or got the job offer from a dream company. 

At this session, we will discuss how to build an effective corporate image in the digital environment, which are the most trending job platforms for finding full-time or freelance IT jobs and how to achieve the golden state of the “Reversed Tinder”.

Cost of participation? Free, but you need to registrate by phone:

Networking and education.

Why Free?
Because Youth Included is a non-profit organisation that runs themed events for migrants to meet, expand their network and make friends!

This meeting is part of our Avast project!