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Masterclass: Secrets of the IT interview with HR
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Project aimed at supporting social inclusion through promotion and creation of opportunities in IT for the migrants. Courses on Digital marketing, Python and Java.

Come and learn the secrets of interviewing an HR professional! 

This meeting is part of the ICT4TCN professional networking events - our project that works to create a platform to improve IT skills as well as increasing migrant employment. 
This is a great opportunity to learn the secrets of IT from a local organisation's HR specialist. You will get access to all methods for finding a job in the IT sector, as well as advice on what to look out for when applying for a job. Alongside the above, you will have the opportunity to learn useful tips on how to get a job at the IT company where our speaker works! We will also provide some open job positions for you! 

What we'll break down at the meeting:
1. Resume
Principles of CV writing, portfolio, block of information "about yourself", real examples of "do's and don'ts".
2. First contact with the recruiter
Cover letter
3. Interview with the recruiter
Preparing for interview, recruiter's checklist, frequently asked questions
4. Further stages of the interview.

1) In the first block I will tell what you need to pay attention to when preparing your CV, and what the recruiter pays attention to.

  • Whether a portfolio is required.
  • Chips with which to highlight your resume.
  • Peculiarities of writing a resume on the job search portals.
  • + Real examples of resumes from practice.

2) How to contact the recruiter: phone, e-mail, search portal.

  • How to write a mail how to write a cover letter.
  • + real examples.

3) How to prepare for an interview, which information to prepare in advance.

  • Show options for checklists Recruiter.
  • We will break down the most frequently asked questions.
  • + real examples of what not to say at the interview.

4) What may be the next stages of the interview, who conducts them and how to react in case of an offer or rejection

Don't forget to sign up at the phone number above! 

Networking and education

Why is it free?
This meeting is part of ICT4TCN project. ICT4TCN project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.