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Meeting: Literal Artists 12.11
FAW - writing
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Use of creative writing as a means of building a vibrant community and reinforcement of sound thinking in migrants. Introduction into civic engagement opportunities, strengthening personal capacities and more.

Literature is of the greatest importance in everyone's life. After all, a person, in the high sense of the word, becomes a human being through literature, because reading is a complex creative process that requires the participation of the intellect, emotions, imagination, memory of the reader, relying on his or her entire spiritual experience.

The result of this process is personal enrichment. Join us for our traditional meetings for writers on Sundays!!

The purpose of our meetings is to enable every participant:

  • Share their personal writing experience.
  • Discuss their own literary works through a focus group, which helps to better understand themselves and contributes not only subjective but also objective assessment of the writer's potential, realise their own limits and possibilities, decide on the choice of direction and literary style.
  • To learn useful literary techniques and the ability to interact with a group of listeners and like-minded people. It is also necessary to note the importance of reading aloud within the group, as it allows authors to develop not only their communication skills, to become part of the community, but also to have a significant impact on the listeners themselves, as they have the opportunity to better understand each other, get to know the values, views and cultural specificities of other people, and, of course, lead to cooperation with each other.

You can register for the event by calling one of our team members,  Tatiana 774 149 480!

The event will take place online at 18.00 by the following link

Participation is free of charge!

Networking and education.

This event is part of our Finding Answers through Writing project which was funded by the Soliarity Corps.