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Networking for Marketers
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Project aimed at supporting social inclusion through promotion and creation of opportunities in IT for the migrants. Courses on Digital marketing, Python and Java.

YI together with the ICT4CTN project, has prepared an amazing opportunity for you to take part in a BootCamp for Marketers.

This event is suitable for those who already have a background in marketing.

We are going to share with you our special training methodology and materials in areas such as digital design, marketing, python and java, which we all created as part of our ICT4TCN project.

ICT4TCN is a completely free platform that anyone can use and use all the materials provided, either for personal training or to train other groups, e.g. other non-profits can use all the materials to further extend their training.

During the lectures  we are going to

*get acquainted,

*discuss the ICT4TCN project and its outputs,

*discuss urgent problems for the current market,

*exchange experiences and share useful resources for self-education in this topic!


The agenda of networking will include:

Part 1 - What's Wrong With Marketing Today

Networking + discussion

Part 2 - New trends, new approaches

Networking vol. 2 + discussion

Part 3 - You are not a marketer if you don’t know how it works - What marketing education is lacking

Discussion + Closing remarks

The aim is to share knowledge and experience with those who are already marketing oriented, along with creating a mutual networking to discuss basic trends.

Participation in the event is FREE, but we need you to register in the following form:

Come to our meeting - networking for marketers and those who would like to learn more about this area!

Networking and education

The course is FREE OF CHARGE!

Why is it free?

This meeting is part of ICT4TCN project. ICT4TCN project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.