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"The million dollar story" by Robert McKee
FAW - writing
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Use of creative writing as a means of building a vibrant community and reinforcement of sound thinking in migrants. Introduction into civic engagement opportunities, strengthening personal capacities and more.

Why did we choose his book to review?
It is a professionally and thoroughly written work, and its main purpose is to draw attention to the "craft" part of the process of creating a screenplay, and indeed any story.
The author offers not stamps, but keys to understanding the psychology of perception. His book is not a "do-it-yourself" manual, but an opportunity to assimilate and master the mechanisms of influencing the mind and subconscious of the viewer by means of a masterfully told story.
Robert McKee's authority among contemporary writers and scriptwriters is enormous. He is a veritable guru of modern Hollywood.

What will be at the meeting?
The story triangle or the three types of story.
The relationship between the plot, the genre of the work and the character.

Networking and education