Lecture: Who is the brand father

How to increase the chances of success for your business?

2022-04-07 18:00:00+02:00

Project: EDEEY

YI prepared and EDEEY educational Lecture: "Who is the Brand Father and why is he needed in any business"

In the lecture "Brand Father" we will talk about who he is and how he will increase the chances of success for your business.
In the media space there is a constant struggle between different answers to the same sacred question. How clear and persuasive your recipe is, how clear your brand's role model is for copying, depends on how successful the business will be.

In this lecture, we will cover:
• New trends in doing business
• Psychology of customers and the key to sales
• Creation of a brand and an actual name
• Digital online positioning

Participation is FREE, but you need to registrate: https://forms.gle/bQiitk3wRVTXpBc27

EDEEY is a EU project which main goal is to create an educational movement( tailor-made educational materials, training course and a bootcamp of startaps) on the topic of digital entrepreneurship for those, who lack knowledge on it but are willing to upgrade their skills and re-enter the labour market through the totally new doors.

Networking and education

Why is it free?
Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that holds themed events for migrants to get to know each other, expand their network and find friends!
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (https://edeey.eu/en/about. [Project number: 2019-1-UK01-KA205-062214]

Dias Kudassov

YI lecturer

Project Manager

Dias Kudassov
YI lecturer
Project Manager

⎯ Develop projects into stages and tasks ⎯ Manage project schedules, deadlines, and budgets ⎯ Solve problems that limit the teams’ productivity ⎯ Identify risks and take measures to address them ⎯ Communicate with clients and head departments ⎯ Coordinate and monitor projects at all stages ⎯ Form the course structure and methodology

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