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Workshop Czech cultural code: painting
Artistic Nomads
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Community building and networking for third country nationals through the use of arts and culture. Project focuses on photography, traditional and improvisational dance, creative writing, theatre and cultural trips.

YI has prepared an amazing workshop on the Czech cultural code in painting! 

A cultural code is a combination of unique cultural characteristics that is the key to understanding the nature and structure of thinking of an entire nation.

We propose to get together and talk about Czech painting in order to get closer to understanding the local flavor:

• Entry into Czech history from the era of the Habsburg rule; from which the Czech Renaissance culture was formed
• Formation of Czech painting. Mannerism and Romanticism: Murder, Mysticism and Josef Manes
• Vrcholy painting: Sobeslav Pinkas, Vojtech Ginaes, Alfons Mucha

Networking and education

Why is it free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organisation that runs themed events for migrants to meet, expand their networks and make friends!

This meeting is part of our Artistic Nomads project ( funded by our dear DZS and Soliarity Corps (