Workshop: How to Frame and fight the cognitive biases like a pro

Join us on our meeting to learn more about critical thinking and techniques of news creation, which lead us to certain emotional states and prejudices.

2021-08-16 16:00:00+02:00

Project: Youth Mythbusters

The workshop is part of the EU Youth Myth Busters project and aims to teach linguistic techniques of consciousness control in the media. Includes networking with new people and creating space for possible new projects and youth activities.

During the workshop, you will learn:

● about the most frequent cognitive biases (errors in thinking that occur when people are processing and interpreting information about themselves and the world outside) that impact our perception of the outside world.
● understand how cognitive framing is changing the way we judge and see different situations in our life, including international and local events.
● learn simple rules on how to test the situation if it is fake or not.
● support critical thinking and other critical skills.
● have your personal independent understanding of the ongoing processes in media.

Networking and education

Why is it free?
This meeting is part of our Youth Mythbusters project. Youth Mythbusters project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Dr. Valery Senichev
- А psychologist with a focus on PR and HR marketing.
- His main work lies in a strategic project Forbes Ideal Place with a focus on middle and small size companies and its leadership.
- An university teacher with a focus on Public Relations and strategic communication.
- Currently he is a fellow in the international programme United4News. Building Democratic Resilience against Disinformation from Visegrad School of Political Studies.

Anna Rudnitskaja

YI lecturer

Historian, Prague guide, photographer, writer

Anna Rudnitskaja
YI lecturer
Historian, Prague guide, photographer, writer

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