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Writing Hackathon: genres, techniques




Finding Answers through Writing



Plot in different genres, three techniques for writers.

Writing hackathon is an oustanding possibility to get out of noisy Prague and in the solitude of a house in the forest to focus on writing. You do not need to be a professional writer to write, you need to write and be bold in what you want to say in your writing. Thus in our project FAW we have 6 trips out of the city for 10-15 people to solve deliberately this issue. FAW creates space for like-minded but with different backgroundpeople to meet and create.

So if you have a passion for writing and are interested in meeting and networking with new people based on common interests, then be sure to join our writing hackathon! 

Our major pillarstones are:

  • 2 days in a house close to Prague.
  • Writing lectorium.
  • Practicing writing.
  • Discussions.

The details will be shared with you after your application will go through the checking. To find out how to apply call one of our Team meembers, 774 149 480, Tatiana.

Below is the full programme of the event:

19.11 Day 1

16-17 h. - Arrival and check-in.

18.00 - Acquaintance evening, conversation about favorite writers, acquaintance with literary genres. Literary games: we describe the same plot but in different genres and imitate our favorite writers. Analysis of topics that we will write about tomorrow.

20.11 Day 2

8-9.00 - Breakfast.

9-10.30 - Lecture: Why do we need a draft and how to work with it. How to make your text unique and find your style.

11 – 12.30 - Lecture: Characters, ideas and plot - three techniques for writers. How to write dynamic scenes and create realistic antagonists.

13-14.00 - Lunch.

14-17.00 - Walk combined with practice to find ideas for creativity.

18-19.00 - Preparation for writing the text: Analysis of the topics that we will write about. General discussion of ideas.

19-20.00 - Dinner and then free time for creativity.

21.11 Day 3

8-9.00 - Breakfast.

9-10.30 - Lecture: how to write every day and improve the writing process. Portrait of the reader and contact with him.

11-12.30 - Reading of the resulting works and discussion.

You can register for the event by calling 774 149 480!

This event is part of our Finding Answers through Writing project which was funded by the Soliarity Corps.