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Yoga course




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Adres: Politických vězňů 8

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What is yoga for? The practice of asanas and pranayama leads to optimal functioning of the respiratory system, provides the necessary oxygenation of the blood, improves blood circulation throughout the body and teaches you to control the mind. Asanas and pranayama greatly help the proper functioning of the brain, nerves and spine.

Within an hour, we will form inner strength, flexibility and a magical state of relaxation of the body and mind.

We are waiting for effective sequences of asanas, breathing techniques and final relaxation.

Suitable for beginners.

It is advisable to take a mat for sports and comfortable clothes with you.

Youth Included provide these lectures in order to create a community of people with the same interests - the desire to do sports and be inspired by success. During the course, there is an opportunity to find like-minded people, new friends and a company aimed at improving personal health.

Networking and education

Why for free?

Because Youth Included is a non-profit organization that runs themed events for migrants to get to know each other, expand their network and make friends!

This meeting is part of our Society out of the Box project (, funded by our dear DZS and Solidarity Corps  (